An Evaluative Case Study on Investigating Preschool Teachers' Views on Philosophy with Children

Koyuncu, Emine Deniz
Demircan, Hasibe Özlen
The purpose of this evaluative case study was to examine preschool teachers' views on the Philosophy with Children approach and its use in early childhood education through the Philosophy with Children experience. In this study, 11 preschool teachers participated in Philosophy with Children sessions for ten weeks, and then later attempted to implement the PwC approach in their educational environment at least twice. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews, basically before and after the 10-week PwC session as well as after the practices implemented by preschool teachers in their educational setting. In addition, during the 10-week PwC session, observations were conducted and audio recordings of all the procedures and field notes were collected. According to the study findings, the preschool teachers claimed the PwC approach could be used in early childhood education and positively affect children. Preschool teachers reported that the PwC approach led them to look critically at the relationship between the teacher and child in traditional education, understanding of guidance, and classroom management. On the other hand, this study revealed that preschool teachers reported handicaps related to self-confidence while using PwC and motivation to use PwC. They claimed some aspects of the traditional educational structure may hinder using the PwC approach. In conclusion, it was recommended that future research and in-service or pre-service education programs with preschool teachers be organized with more comprehensive content, including the philosophical dimension of the PwC approach.


Investigating the views of preschool teachers regarding philosophy with children through PwC experience.
Koyuncu, Emine Deniz; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen; Department of Early Childhood Education (2020)
The purpose of this evaluative case study was to investigate preschool teachers' views about Philosophy with Children and the use of Philosophy with Children in early childhood education settings, through PwC experience. In this study, eleven preschool teachers participated in PwC implementations for ten weeks. After these implementations, they implemented PwC in their own classrooms at least twice. Data was mainly collected before and after the implementations of the researcher and also after implementatio...
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E. D. Koyuncu and H. Ö. Demircan, “An Evaluative Case Study on Investigating Preschool Teachers’ Views on Philosophy with Children,” EGITIM VE BILIM-EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, vol. 47, no. 210, pp. 161–191, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: