The attitudes of parents and teachers toward homework

Katipoğlu, R. Serdar
This study deals with the attitudes of parents and teachers toward homework assignments in elementary schools on the basis of their appreciations of the necessity, significance, and functions of homework, a much debated issue in Turkey concerning the actual programming of the design of educational practices, and curricular system, in terms of educational policies. The sample of the present study was 170 parents of students of the Elementary School in METU (Ankara) and 23 elementary school teachers during the 1991-1992 Academic Year. The data were gathered by means of a questionnaire incorporating 27 items thgrough which the respondents were asked to express their opinion and evaluations concerning homework. T-test and percentage statistical techniques were used in the process of data analysis. The analysis of data revealed that there exists a general agreement between the teachers and parents in their evaluation of the homework assignments. The results regarding the over-all opinion coincidence between parents and teachers were supported by the analysis of the items in themselves, with some slight divergences of ideas in some respects.
Citation Formats
R. S. Katipoğlu, “The attitudes of parents and teachers toward homework,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 1993.