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Yalçın, Özgür; Özyörük, Yusuf; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2021-11-1)
This dissertation investigates the boundary layer transition as well as the cavity flow noise prediction capabilities of a high-order in-house solver using various Delayed Detached-Eddy Simulation (DDES) frameworks. Before conducting the simulations, multiblock topology with a high-order overset grid technique is implemented into the solver, which makes mesh generation for complex geometries, such as the tunnel grids around blade sections, and cavity grids composed of two separate domains of the studied cas...
Demirkol, Anıl; Demir, Ayhan Gürbüz; Güneri, Oya; Department of Educational Sciences (2021-11-26)
This qualitative study aimed to understand the binge-watching behavior among Turkish university students including contributing factors for the onset and continuity of the behavior, binge-watching patterns, how it impacts their life before and during the pandemic. For this reason, Consensual Qualitative Research (CQR) analysis was performed on the data collected from participants before (n=8) and during (n=7) the pandemic. The semi-structured interview protocol with open-ended questions was used. Results of...
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2018)
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2018)
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2017)
Verifying maze-like game levels with model checker SPIN
Tekik, Onur; Betin Can, Aysu; Sürer, Elif; Department of Information Systems (2021-11-5)
In this thesis, we present a new methodology that includes procedural generation and verification of maze-like game levels. The methodology employs a model checker, called SPIN, to both produce a winning sequence of actions and to formally verify custom game design properties. To verify a game level, we propose automated tailoring on template game models, considering the level-in-test, specifically designed according to the game rules. By leveraging the counterexample generation feature of SPIN, we find one...
Yazı kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2017)
Editorial / Yazı Kurulu’ndan
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2016)
Editorial / Yazı Kurulu’ndan
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2016)
Editorial / Yazı Kurulu’ndan
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2015)
Form driven adaptive, and reusable tunnel formwork for customized mass housing
Öziş, Ayşe Zeynep; Sorguç, Arzu; Department of Architecture (2021-9-09)
The recent developments with Industry 4.0 have been added new agendas and methodologies in the manufacturing and designing process. Although data-driven architecture became more common in practice, forms are still determining with fabrication limitations. While these developments are changing the architectural environment, increasing population and need for accommodation are causing standardized design production, resulting in stereotyped living areas. Although conventional typologies have been changing, mo...
Design, analysis and experimental study of a novel side thorax impactor to be used in pedestrian protection tests for flat front vehicles
Saraç Karadeniz, Sevgi; Gökler, Mustafa İlhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2021-10)
Pedestrian protection is crucial and the vehicle manufacturers put more and more effort to make vehicles safer for pedestrians in case of pedestrian involved accidents. Injuries and fatalities are very frequent and severe in pedestrian involved accidents because the pedestrians are much more vulnerable when compared to the vehicle occupants as they do not have any protection like airbags or seatbelts. The current pedestrian protection regulations focus on the tests of bonnet type passenger cars for the head...
Guide For Contributors 1988 / Yazı Kılavuzu 1988
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 1988)
Reclamation of waterways in urban context: A study on Ankara Stream and Etiler Neighborhood
Ergül, Rakibe; Kömez Dağlıoğlu, Esin; Baş Bütüner, Funda; Department of Architecture (2021-9-07)
The streams and rivers are significant determinants of urban form; however, today, they have become barely recognized in cities. Over time, the interwoven relationship between city and water has gradually been shifted and lost its significance. Since the 1960s, plenty of towns tended to restore and reclaim their waterways to avoid the ill effects of rapid urban growth, industrialization, and the alarming environmental crisis. Reclamation of the waterways has emerged as a growth strategy since the waterways ...
Investigation of the effects of uncertainties of inflow hydrograph and dam breach geometry on outflow hydrograph
Gödek, Neslihan Pınar; Yanmaz, Ali Melih; Çalamak, Melih; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-11)
Precise breach outflow hydrograph is crucial for the accurate determination of the flood damage and cost at the downstream region. Precise flood inundation modeling is based on the use of a realistic breach outflow hydrograph as an input. Therefore, comprehensive modeling is essential for an accurate description of breach hydrograph. This study evaluates the effects of dam breach parameters and inflow hydrograph on the peak breach outflow utilizing a probabilistic dam breach model. An experimental model was...
The Justice and Development Party and the Legitimation Crisis
Yalım, Gözde; Özdemir, Yonca; Political Science and International Relations (2020-12)
The main research problem in the thesis is to scrutinise the main reasons for the JDP’s rise to power, establishment and maintenance of its hegemony and in recent years gradual weakening of its legitimacy in the light of Jürgen Habermas’ theory of legitimation crises. The analysis of the JDP rule will inevitably necessitate an investigation of the ways in which the Turkish economy has been integrated into the global economy. By using Jürgen Habermas’ concept of ‘requisite quantity’ and ‘moral identity’ the ...
Tabiehzad, Pourya; Dicleli, Murat; Department of Engineering Sciences (2021-9-06)
In this thesis study a comprehensive roadmap is proposed for detailed modeling of rocking behavior of superstructure deck. Furthermore, a parametric study is conducted to determine effect of the superstructure rocking in enhancing the seismic performance of the box girder type bridge structures. For this purpose, various nonlinear models varying based on one chosen parameter are designed. Nonlinear boundary time history analysis (NTHA) of the models are then conducted being exposed to a set of ground motion...
Kadkoy, Omar; Kale Lack, Başak; Department of International Relations (2021-11)
The government in Turkey announced in 2016 the start of a naturalization process targeting Syrians of an added value, including students in higher education. The goal of this research is to understand what drives a Syrian student to accept becoming a citizen of Turkey. The case study utilized a snowballing technique to interview Syrian students in tertiary education. The findings reveal a selective pragmatic reasoning embedded in participants’ aim to secure a material benefit in the form of greater mobility...
Dynamic signaling games with quadratic criteria under Nash and Stackelberg equilibria
Sarıtaş, Serkan; Yuksel, Serdar; Gezici, Sinan (2020-05-01)
This paper considers dynamic (multi-stage) signaling games involving an encoder and a decoder who have subjective models on the cost functions. We consider both Nash (simultaneous-move) and Stackelberg (leader-follower) equilibria of dynamic signaling games under quadratic criteria. For the multi-stage scalar cheap talk, we show that the final stage equilibrium is always quantized and under further conditions the equilibria for all time stages must be quantized. In contrast, the Stackelberg equilibria are a...
A semi-empirical analysis of dye adsorption and electron transport in dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
Ameri, Mohsen; Samavat, Feridoun; Mohajerani, Ezeddin (2015-01-01)
In order to provide a comprehensive understanding of dye adsorption parameters and their relation with the structural and transport properties of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), a combination of experiments and modeling of the dye adsorption and electron transport characteristics with respect to the photoanode thickness was performed. The obtained experimental data include scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images, UV-Vis data, steady state current-voltage (J-V) characteristics and open circuit voltage ...