Induced Current Thermal Imaging in Breast Cancer Detection

Tanriverdi, Volkan
Gençer, Nevzat Güneri
Infrared thermal imaging method has started to be used in routine controls due to the disadvantages (uses ionizing energy, applies pressure) of mammography, which is frequently used in the diagnosis of breast cancer. With passive thermography, infrared radiation emitted naturally from the body surface is detected by a thermal camera and the surface temperature distribution is displayed. Using a passive thermal imaging system with 30 mK thermal sensitivity, 10 mm tumor can be detected at a depth of 12 mm. The performance of passive thermography is limited for small and deep tumors. In the active thermography method, it is aimed to detect deeper tumors by using an external heat source. In the active thermography method, deeper tumors are detected using external heat sources. In this study, the currents induced by time varying magnetic fields (27.12 MHz) were used as the external heat source. In the simulation study, breast and cancerous tissue were modeled in three dimensions and the bioheat equation for active and passive modes was solved by using realistic values of the tissues. As a result of the simulation studies, it was observed that a 10 mm malignant tumor could be detected up to a depth of 20 mm. It was shown that this method can be used with multiple frequencies as the temperature distributions obtained from the surface for different frequency values are different from each other.
29th IEEE Conference on Signal Processing and Communications Applications (SIU)


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© 2021 IEEE.Tumorous tissues generate more metabolic heat than healthy tissues, in case where the tumor tissue is close to the surface, it is possible to detect the tumor with thermal infrared imaging methods. Deeper tumors can be imaged by increasing the temperature of the tumorous tissue by the externally applied magnetic field. In the simulation study, breast and cancerous tissue were modeled in three dimensions by using realistic values of the tissues. Current was induced with a solenoid coil and temper...
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Surface texturing of transparent conductive oxides is crucial to improve the fraction of incident light trapped in the absorber layer of thin film silicon based solar cells to improve the device performance. In this work, we fabricate and compare periodic, overlapping, and random surface textures and patterns on aluminium doped zinc oxide (AZO) using direct laser processing. The effects of the used laser wavelength, laser operating frequency, and pulse periodicity on the structural, morphological, and optic...
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Conventional method for breast tumor detection, mammography, has a number of drawbacks such as X-ray exposure, patient discomfort and loss of reliability especially for dense breast tissue. Therefore, it is a hot research topic to develop new alternative non-invasive, reliable, safe and patient friendly breast imaging methods. In this thesis, we propose a novel hybrid mechanical and electromagnetic imaging method to identify cancerous regions particularly inside dense glandular breast tissue at the early st...
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