Flower Pollination Algorithm for Slope Stability Analysis



Tree crown detection using multispectral satellite imagery
Onağ, Mehmet Mert; Çetin, Yasemin; Department of Information Systems (2018)
The goal of the present study is to investigate the underlying mechanics of a likely interaction between two phenomena, namely “War” and “DDoS Attacks”, using computational methods. For this, first, we study the characteristics of the Lanchester Combat (Kinetic) Model, the Kermack and McKendrick’s Epidemic (S-I-R) Model and the Mixed Epidemic Model. Then we propose a computational model and run simulations that simulate the influence of DDoS on the available combat model. The analyses and the results of sim...
Pollination Ecology, Specialization, and Genetic Isolation in Sympatric Bee-PollinatedSalvia(Lamiaceae)
Celep, Ferhat; Atalay, Zeynep; Dikmen, Fatih; Doğan, Musa; Sytsma, Kenneth J.; Classen-Bockhoff, Regine (University of Chicago Press, 2020-10-01)
Premise of research. Previous pollination ecology studies ofSalviahave shown that there is low specialization for certain subgroups of bees and that pollinator number varies with species and locality. We studied 12Salviaspecies (three clades with different corolla morphologies and staminal lever mechanisms) that in part co-occur and coflower to examine prezygotic isolation mechanisms and the degree of specialization versus generalization in pollination ecology. Methodology. Pollinators were identified using...
Leaf micromorphology of Lathyrus sect. Lathyrostylis (Fabaceae) and its taxonomic significance
Togan, İnci; Mazaheri, Rodin; Doğan, Musa (2019-12-01)
Leaf anatomy of Agropyron Gaertn. (Gramineae) in Turkey
Mavi, D. Ozlem; Doğan, Musa; Cabi, Evren (2011-01-01)
Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. is represented by 2 subspecies in Turkey, namely subsp. incanum (Nabelek) Melderis and subsp. pectinatum (M.Bieb.) Tzvelev. This study examines the taxonomic significance of the leaf properties of the taxa of Agropyron Gaertn., comprising diagnostic anatomical features obtained from leaf transverse sections as well as leaf surface micromorphology. Results of the study show that most of the characters, such as the shape of the leaf blades; the size and number of stomata; the ...
Leaf micromorphology of the family Plumbaginaceae in Turkey
Sayar, İpek; Doğan, Musa; Department of Biology (2022-9-2)
Turkey is located in the region where the species belonging to the Plumbaginaceae family mostly spread and it also hosts important endemic species. This study aimed to carry out the leaf micromorphological characteristics of the species belonging to the Plumbaginaceae family collected from Turkey. In this study, the surface micromorphology of the dried leaf samples of 9 Limonium, 3 Acantholimon, 2 Armeria and 1 Plumbago species were collected by different researchers from all over Turkey and kept at the Pla...
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A. ÖCAL, Y. E. Sarıçiçek, and O. Pekcan, Flower Pollination Algorithm for Slope Stability Analysis. 2021.