Karyological analysis and body proportion of catfish (Clariidae, Clarias Iazera, Valenciennes, 1840) in the Göksu Delta, Türkey

Ergene, S.
Portakal, E.
Karahan, Arzu


Karyological Analysis and body proportion of Catfish Clariidae Clarias lazera Valeciennes 1840 in Göksu Delta Turkey
Ergene, Remziye Serap; Portakal, Ender; Karahan, Arzu (1999-01-01)
Chromosome analysis of Clarias lazera living in wet lands located in Göksu River (Göksu Delta) was accomplished by modified air-drying.Clarias lazera was found to have 18 metacentric, 26 submetacentric and 12 acrocentric chromosomes. Twentyfive systematically important meristic and morphometric characters of Clarias lazera in the Göksu Delta were examined for 49 specimens. In order to clarify the taxonomic status of Clarias lazera, which is not originally from this region, karyological analyses were carried...
Karyotype analysis and chromosome banding of Upeneus moluccensis (Bleeker, 1855) from the north-eastern Mediterranean
Karahan, Arzu (2016-01-01)
Chromosome number, morphology and location of the nucleolus organizer region (NOR) are useful cytological characters for taxonomic and evolutionary studies. The karyotype of Upeneus moluccensis from the north-eastern Mediterranean was investigated through conventional Giemsa staining, Ag-NOR staining, C-banding and GTG-banding techniques. The results showed 2n = 44 (FN = 46), 2m + 2st + 40a chromosomes and four NORs. Two telomeric C-band regions were observed on a metacentric and subtelocentric chromosome p...
Karyomorphological studies in seven taxa of the genus Salvia (Lamiaceae) in Turkey
MARTİN, ESRA; Altinordu, Fahim; Celep, Ferhat; KAHRAMAN, AHMET; Doğan, Musa (2015-03-01)
In this study, the karyotypes of mitotic chromosomes were determined of seven taxa of Salvia (Lamiaceae) collected from their natural habitats in Turkey: S. viridis (2n = 16), S. candidissima subsp. occidentalis (2n = 20), S. sclarea, S. ceratophylla, S. chionantha (2n = 22), S. viscosa and S. verticillata subsp. amasiaca (2n = 32). The karyotype formulae were 5m+3sm in S. viridis, 2M+5m+3sm in S. candidissima subsp. occidentalis, 1M+10m in S. sclarea, 8m+3sm in S. ceratophylla, 7m+4sm in S. chionantha, 9m+...
Karyologic analyses of Tilapia rendalli Boulenger 1897 Pisces Cichlidae
Ergene, Remziye Serap; Karahan, Arzu (1999-01-01)
Neritization of the plankton fauna in the Mediterranean basin
Kovalev, Av; Mg, Mazzocchi; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Skryabin, Va (2006-01-01)
The plankton fauna neritization in the Mediterranean Seas basin is discussed. Neritization is an increase of the neritic species percentage in zooplankton composition from the Mediterranean to the Black and Sea of Azov; It has been shown that the percentage of oceanic species decreases considerably in the Mediterranean Sea, adjacent to Gibraltar strait if compared with the Atlantic region, and the share of neritic – oceanic and neritic species increases correspondingly. Some of these species were observed i...
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S. Ergene, E. Portakal, and A. Karahan, “Karyological analysis and body proportion of catfish (Clariidae, Clarias Iazera, Valenciennes, 1840) in the Göksu Delta, Türkey,” TURKISH JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, vol. 23, pp. 423–426, 1999, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/100147.