Buoyancy effects on forced convection in upward flow of water , constant wall temperature boundary condition

Çakırsoy, Nedret Şerif


Buoyancy effects on turbulent forced convection heat transfer in vertical tubes-upward flow of water.
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Buoyant free jet in laminar turbulent transition region.
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A computational study of a viscous incompressible two-fluid model with an oscillating cylinder is investigated at a Reynolds number of 200 and at a dimensionless displacement amplitude of A = 0.13 and for the dimensionless forcing cylinder oscillation frequency-to-natural vortex shedding frequency ratios, f/f(0) = 1.5, 2.5, 3.5. Specifically, two-dimensional flow past a circular cylinder subject to forced in-line oscillations beneath a free surface is considered. The method is based on a finite volume discr...
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The theory of finite elasticity is used to investigate the behaviour of cylindrical tubes made of compressible, hyperelastic materials and subjected to the simultaneous action of spin and radial tractions on the outer curved surface while the inner curved surface is perfectly bonded to a rigid shaft. The second order quasi-linear ordinary differential equation governing the system is solved numerically by the method of adjoints. The effects of the material compressibility, the second strain invariant depe...
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N. Ş. Çakırsoy, “Buoyancy effects on forced convection in upward flow of water , constant wall temperature boundary condition,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.