Individual and Group Based Resources in Predicting Well Being Turkish Minority in Bulgaria

Annual Meeting of International Society of Political Psychology


Individual and Group Based Resources in Predicting Well Being The Turkish Minority in Bulgaria
Korkmaz Karaoğlu, Leman; Cingöz Ulu, Banu (2014-07-04)
Individual and group based factors affecting the relationship between perceived discrimination and well-being: the sample of Turkish minority in Bulgaria
Korkmaz, Leman; Cingöz Ulu, Banu; Department of Psychology (2010)
The present study examined the influence of perceived discrimination on the subjective well-being of Turks in Bulgaria. Based on Meyer‟s (2003) Minority Stress Model, the role of group resources namely collective self esteem, Turkish identification and Bulgarian citizen identification and the role of personal resources namely self-efficacy, optimism and social support on subjective well-being as well as the moderating effects of these variables in the perceived discrimination - well-being relationship were ...
Individual and group tracking with the evaluation of social interactions
YİĞİT, Ahmet; Temizel, Alptekin (2017-04-01)
Tracking groups of people is a challenging problem. Groups may grow or shrink dynamically with merging and splitting of individuals and conventional trackers are not designed to handle such cases. In this study, the authors present a conjoint individual and group tracking (CIGT) framework based on particle filter and online learning. CIGT has four complementary phases: two-phase association, false positive elimination, tracking and learning. First, reliable tracklets are created and detection responses are ...
Individual and Organizational Aspects of UniversityIndustry Relations in Nanotechnology: The Turkish Case
Beyhan, Berna; Erdil, Erkan; Pamukcu, Mehmet Teoman (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2011)
Emerging nanotechnologies bring a new challenge for developing countries to improve knowledge and technology transfer between universities and firms. In developing countries, weaker ties between academia and the industry seem to be one of the main barriers to the dissemination of nanotechnology innovations. This study aims to understand individual and organizational factors affecting university-industry interactions in emerging nanotechnologies in a developing country context, namely Turkey. For this study,...
Individual and organizational predictors of perceiving workplace behaviors as counterproductive
Ağca, Hande; Toker, Yonca; Department of Psychology (2014)
In the present study, the aim was to examine the predictors of perceived counterproductive work behaviors (PCWB) by employees. The proximal variables of personality characteristics and individual values and the distal organizational variables were included in the research to study the predictors of PCWB in a comprehensive fashion. Self-control, agreeableness and conscientiousness were hypothesized as the personality predictors, of universalism, benevolence, conformity and tradition under the frame of self-t...
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