COMSEL: An expert system for composite materials selection

Alahmar, M. Ayman


Cessa: consultant expert system for statistical analysis
Mohammad, Nadeem; Department of Computer Engineering (1989)
CoSPAIR: Colored Histograms of Spatial Concentric Surflet-Pairs for 3D object recognition
Logoglu, K. Berker; Kalkan, Sinan; Temizel, Alptekin (2016-01-01)
Introduction of RGB-D sensors together with the efforts on open-source point-cloud processing tools boosted research in both computer vision and robotics. One of the key areas which have drawn particular attention is object recognition since it is one of the crucial steps for various applications. In this paper, two spatially enhanced local 3D descriptors are proposed for object recognition tasks: Histograms of Spatial Concentric Surflet-Pairs (SPAIR) and Colored SPAIR (CoSPAIR). The proposed descriptors ar...
girdap: Open source object-oriented autonomous grid management library for solving equations of conservation laws
Uzgoren, Eray (Elsevier BV, 2017-10-12)
girdap is an object-oriented grid generation and management library that uses finite volume operator objects to provide researchers and educators a framework to solve different sets of algebraic and differential equations on multiple grid objects, which are allowed to interact with each other. Grid objects have the capability of performing local anisotropic grid refinement (h-adaptation) as well as relocating their vertices (r-adaptation) to resolve length scales based on solution field obtained using algeb...
SDIVA: Structural Delay Insensitivity Verification Analysis Method for Bit-Level Pipelined Systolic Arrays with Early Output Evaluation
Ismailoglu, A. Neshn; Askar, Murat (2008-09-05)
A structural delay-insensitivity verification analysis method, SDIVA, is proposed for asynchronous systolic arrays in dual-rail threshold logic style. The SDIVA method employs symbolic delays for all output evaluation paths and works at the behavioral specification level. For bit-level pipelined systolic arrvys, which have data-dependent early output evaluation in one-dimension, SDIVA method reduces the verification analysis task to examination of three adjacent systoles so that by analyzing all possible ea...
Cpt based compressibility assessment of soils
Özkahriman, Fatma; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
One of the most critical problems geotechnical engineers face with is the determination of the amount of consolidation settlement that will occur at a site as a result of the construction of a structure. The compressibility behavior of the soil is an important parameter in determining the amount of consolidation settlement. The goal of this study is to develop probabilistically based correlation between the compressibility behavior of soil and in-situ test data. Within the scope of this research effort, per...
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M. A. Alahmar, “COMSEL: An expert system for composite materials selection,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.