Design Activities in Turkey: Facts and Figures



Design evolution of healthcare buildings: city hospitals as a new building typology in Turkey
Nevrim, Selin; Güzer, Celal Abdi; Department of Architecture (2020)
After the year 2014, a new and alternative model of healthcare services had been introduced to reorganize the contribution of the private sector on healthcare investments in Turkey. The essence of this new model was creating healthcare centers established in various provinces under the title of the "city hospital". City Hospitals have radical differences when compared with traditional health care buildings. Furthermore, how the projects have been achieved and the investment model have not previously been im...
Design thinking in urbanism: Learning from the designers
Çalışkan, Olgu (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2012-12-01)
Since the design methods movement of the 1960s, design studies have made significant progress in our understanding of design thinking in general. Nevertheless, urbanism's enduring lack of interest in the cognitive insights of design has caused the field to continue to rely on early procedural models, which have been invalidated by the emerging debates in design studies. The shortcomings of this theoretical condition are proven mainly by the disputable conceptualisations of analysis and design in spatial pla...
Design consultancy in Turkey : a study on the business structure, services and clients
Sözen, Müzeyyen; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Engineering (2007)
Design consultancy is a service that is given by professional designers to clients to respond to their design requirements. In Turkey, design consultancy services are given through design firms since the 1980s, mostly founded by the early graduates of industrial design. This thesis is carried to recognize the firms that give service in design consultancy sector, to identify the given services as design consultancy and to determine the conditions of design consultancy sector in Turkey through a survey made o...
Design decision-making and materials - Investigations in the context of recycled poIymers
Norman, E.; Pedgley, Owaın Francıs; Coles, R. (2004-12-01)
Design decision-making can be viewed as the result of the interaction of knowledge, skills and values. The complexity of the design for sustainability agenda is explored in this paper through a discussion of the knowledge, skills and values associated with the designing of a polymer acoustic guitar. This was a case study for a recent PhD research project concerning the relationship of knowledge and designing. The role of values in design decision-making is being researched further through the analysis of de...
Design considerations in children bedroom furniture of preschool period an analysis of today's Turkish children furniture market
Büyükpamukçu, Hande; Asatekin, Mehmet; Department of Industrial Design (2004)
In this thesis, the design considerations of a healthy and stimulating bedroom environment for preschool period children are analyzed. In order to build up a multipurpose environment, the development of the preschool children, necessary items of furniture and the related design concepts are discussed. General design criteria are determined to constitute a guide for a children bedroom environment of preschool period. Under the light of these data, a research is conducted to analyze today̕s children furniture...
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