A Fact Checking and Verification System for FEVEROUS Using a Zero-Shot Learning Approach

In this paper, we propose a novel fact checking and verification system to check claims against Wikipedia content. Our system retrieves relevant Wikipedia pages using Anserini, uses BERT-large-cased question answering model to select correct evidence, and verifies claims using XLNET natural language inference model by comparing it with the evidence. Table cell evidence is obtained through looking for entity-matching cell values and TAPAS table question answering model. The pipeline utilizes zero-shot capabilities of existing models and all the models used in the pipeline requires no additional training. Our system got a FEVEROUS score of 0.06 and a label accuracy of 0.39 in FEVEROUS challenge.
FEVER 2021 - Fact Extraction and VERification, Proceedings of the 4th Workshop


A framework for automatic information quality ranking of diabetes websites
Saglam, Rahime Belen; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba (2015-01-01)
Objective: When searching for particular medical information on the internet the challenge lies in distinguishing the websites that are relevant to the topic, and contain accurate information. In this article, we propose a framework that automatically identifies and ranks diabetes websites according to their relevance and information quality based on the website content.
A flexible Bayesian mixture approach for multi-modal circular data
Kilic, Muhammet Burak; Kalaylıoğlu Akyıldız, Zeynep Işıl; SenGupta, Ashis (2022-01-01)
In this article, we consider multi-modal circular data and nonparametric inference. We introduce a doubly flexible method based on Dirichlet process circular mixtures in which parameter assumptions are relaxed. We assess and discuss in simulation studies the effi-ciency of the proposed extension relative to the standard finite mixture applications in the analysis of multi-modal circular data. The real data application shows that this relaxed approach is promising for making important contributions to our un...
A MAP-Based Approach for Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution
IRMAK, Hasan; Akar, Gözde; Yuksel, Seniha Esen (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-06-01)
In this paper, we propose a novel single image Bayesian super-resolution (SR) algorithm where the hyperspectral image (HSI) is the only source of information. The main contribution of the proposed approach is to convert the ill-posed SR reconstruction problem in the spectral domain to a quadratic optimization problem in the abundance map domain. In order to do so, Markov random field based energy minimization approach is proposed and proved that the solution is quadratic. The proposed approach consists of f...
A practical verifiable e-voting protocol for large scale elections over a network
Cetinkaya, Orhan; Doğanaksoy, Ali (2007-04-13)
We propose a practical verifiable e-voting protocol which guarantees e-voting requirements: privacy, eligibility, uniqueness, uncoercibility, fairness, accuracy, robustness, individual verifiability, and universal verifiability. Unlike existing e-voting protocols we employ dynamic ballot instead of predefined usual ballot in order to strengthen accuracy and fairness of the protocol. In dynamic ballots, the ordering of candidates in the ballots is dynamically created and changes for each voter. Therefore the...
An ontology-based retrieval system using semantic indexing
KARA, Soner; ALAN, Ozgur; Sabuncu, Orkunt; Akpinar, Samet; Cicekli, Nihan K.; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur (2012-06-01)
In this paper, we present an ontology-based information extraction and retrieval system and its application in the soccer domain. In general, we deal with three issues in semantic search, namely, usability, scalability and retrieval performance. We propose a keyword-based semantic retrieval approach. The performance of the system is improved considerably using domain-specific information extraction, inferencing and rules. Scalability is achieved by adapting a semantic indexing approach and representing the ...
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