Gökçelik, Şevval Beste
This thesis sheds light on the Uzbekistan-United States of America (US or USA) security relations by addressing the security problems faced by Uzbekistan, which gained its independence in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR, during and after the state and nation-building process. In this context, US and Uzbekistan military relations and the future of these relations is analyzed. Since Uzbekistan exists in a geopolitically risky and security-threatening region and its own army is not developed well, it needed the support of powerful countriesWhile this thesis reflects the geopolitical priorities of Uzbekistan and the US, it also includes the relations with other regional realities, which have an influence in the region, so it offers a versatile perspective. As a result of this versatility, the focus has been on criticism against the military relations of Uzbekistan with the US. How geopolitics shapes the domestic and foreign policy environments of the main actors is also reflected in the thesis.


Comparative analysis of domestic security issues of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the Post-Soviet Era
Turgut, Arzu; Akçalı, Pınar; Department of European Studies (2013)
This thesis examines the main domestic security issues of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and the impact of their securitization processes on the domestic and regional security policies of these countries in the post-Soviet era. Two outstanding issues that have been securitized in these countries, separatism and ethnic conflict for Kazakhstan and radical Islam for Uzbekistan, are scrutinized in detail with a comparative analysis. This thesis argues that Kazakh and Uzbek leaders, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Islam Kar...
An Appraisal of Debates on the Turkish-Soviet Break-Up and Turkey's Reorientation to the West from a Systemic Perspective
Akdan, Tolgahan (2020-03-03)
This study seeks to examine how the mainstream and radical circles interpreted the developments in Turkish-Soviet relations starting in 1939 and the causes of Turkey's historical reorientation towards the Western alliance under the conditions of rising inter-systemic confrontation of the Cold War. This article suggests that both the mainstream and the radical circles have not adequately taken into consideration the fundamental changes in the international order in both pre- and post-war developments. It arg...
The Organization for security and co-operation in europe in the post-cold war era: an analysis of its comprehensive approach to security
Karaaslan, Hakan; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of International Relations (2015)
The main objective of the dissertation is to analyze the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s (OSCE) ‘comprehensive approach to security’ in its region in the new security environment of the post-Cold War era. This dissertation presents an in-depth analysis of the OSCE’s practices over three dimensions of security, namely politico-military, economic-environmental and human dimensions, within the conceptual framework of ‘comprehensive security’. Despite the ongoing debates on the relevancy ...
The analysis of the military doctrines of the Russian Federation from a security perspective
Oduncu, Mustafa Erhan; Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık; Department of Eurasian Studies (2020-10-22)
This thesis examines the evolution of the Russian military doctrines starting with the Soviet period until the most recent doctrine of the Russian Federation in 2014. Through this analysis, I aim to examine the transformation of political and military security perceptions of the Russian state and analyze how security issues are reflected in the official military doctrines. Along with the evolution, of the Russian military doctrines, which were subsequently restructured in 1993, 2000, 2010 and 2014, I will d...
Transformation of civil-military relations: an analysis of the officers’ views about the civilianization reform process in Turkey (1999-2016)
Koydemir Avcı, Fatma Serap; Aslan Akman, Canan; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2019)
This study inquires into the impact of the legal and constitutional reforms in civilmilitary relations field in Turkey, enacted since 1999 in order to curtail the military’s political and institutional autonomy on the perceptions of the military officers in terms of the internalization of civilian supremacy. In that sense, this study based on data collected via face-to-face interviews analyzes and reflects the views of a group of mostly high-ranking officers related to the internalization of the notion of d...
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Ş. B. Gökçelik, “AN EVALUATION OF THE US MILITARY PRESENCE IN CENTRAL ASIA: THE CASE OF UZBEKISTAN,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.