A bibliometric analysis of women's employment

ÇAKIR, Sinem
This thesis aims to analyze how contributions have been made to the literature on women's employment with a quantitative bibliometric approach. Main articles, authors, institutes, countries, journals, and most cited authors' genders of women's employment literature were determined, and how they differed in the context of developed and developing countries was discussed. As far as we know, this kind of quantitative literature review on women's employment has not been done before, and the literature differences between developed and developing countries have not been examined in this way. While the number of publications written for developed and developing countries is constantly increasing, the publications of developed countries are always more than those of developing countries. While the journals in which articles including developed countries are published are mostly sociology journals, the journals of the articles including developing countries are journals with the theme of economy and development. As a country, the USA is the country where the most publications are produced for both, while developing countries such as South Africa, in particular, stand out in the developing countries list. In terms of institutes, while there are institutes of developing countries in developing countries institute list, universal institutions such as the World Bank also publish very effectively. 75% of the most cited authors are women in developed countries, while this rate is 50% in developing countries.


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S. ÇAKIR, “A bibliometric analysis of women’s employment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.