Non-oxidative propane dehydrogenation over anatase TiO2-x

Khan, Iqtidar Ali
Bouzıanı, Asmae
Çelik, Gökhan
6th Anatolian School of Catalysis 2022


Non-oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over phosphate-modified ZrO2
Bouzıanı, Asmae; Çelik, Gökhan (2022-12-01)
Non-oxidative dehydrogenation of propane to propene over precious-metal free anatase titania
Khan, Iqtidar Ali; Çelik, Gökhan; Department of Chemical Engineering (2022-8)
Propylene is a versatile compound in the petrochemical industry. Albeit, it is merely used as a final product, propylene serves as a building block for the production of a wide variety of chemicals such as polypropylene, cumene, isopropanol, propylene oxide, and acetone, to name a few. Conventionally, propylene is produced as a by-product during fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) and steam cracking (SC) of oil fractions. However, the supply-demand gap of propene produced from these processes and their economic/...
Non-destructive patterning of 10nm magnetic island array by phase transformation with low-energy proton irradiation
Dutta, Tanmay; PATHAK, Sachin; ASBAHİ, Mohamed; Celik, Kubra; Lee, Jong Min; Yang, Ping; Saifullah, M. S. M.; Oral, Ahmet; Bhatia, C. S.; CHA, Jongin; HONG, Jongill; Yang, Hyunsoo (2017-10-09)
Nano-patterning on the order of sub-10 nm is integral to achieve high-density nano-scale devices for various data storage and data processing applications. However, the additional requirement of planarization and unwanted side-effects of physical or chemical etching have so far limited the patterning of sub-10nm devices. In this work, we have demonstrated the creation of an array of similar to 10nm ferromagnetic islands through selective phase transformation of paramagnetic multilayers by low-energy proton ...
Non-darcian flow in a fractured aquifer
Altınörs, Adnan Altay; Önder, Halil; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Non-Darcian flow in a finite fractured aquifer is studied in this thesis. A stream bounds the aquifer at one side and an impervious stratum at the other. The aquifer consists of fractures capable of transmitting water rapidly and porous blocks which mainly store water. Unsteady flow in the aquifer due to a sudden or a gradual rise in the stream level is analysed by the double-porosity conceptual model. Governing equations for the flow in fractures and blocks are developed using the continuity equation. The ...
Non-linear response of a layered medium
Aşık, Mehmet Zülfü (SAGE Publications, 2007-09-01)
The response of a soil medium with a stiff and elastic layer on the top can be captured in a model introduced by Iwan using a calculation procedure introduced by Joyner and Chen. The problem analyzed here is basically the response of horizontal soil layers bounded below by a semi-infinite elastic medium and above by an elastic layer. The medium is shaken by a ground motion assumed to originate at the top of the semi-infinite elastic medium. The aim of the study is to investigate the nonlinear soil-structure...
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I. A. Khan, A. Bouzıanı, and G. Çelik, “Non-oxidative propane dehydrogenation over anatase TiO2-x,” presented at the 6th Anatolian School of Catalysis 2022, İzmir, Türkiye, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: