Growth and characterization of NaBi(Mo0.5W0.5O4)2 single crystal: A promising material for optoelectronic applications

Isik, M.
Guler, I.
Hasanlı, Nızamı
The structural and optical characteristics of NaBi(Mo0.5W0.5O4)2 single crystals grown by Czochralski method were investigated. X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern exhibited four well-defined peaks related to tetragonal crystalline structure with a space group I41/a. Raman and infrared transmittance spectra were recorded to investigate vibrational properties of the compound. Room temperature transmission spectrum was measured to reveal band gap energy of the crystal. The derivative spectral and absorption coefficient analyses resulted in direct band gap energy of 3.19 and 3.18 eV, respectively. Urbach energy of the crystal was also determined as 0.17 eV from photon energy dependency of absorption coefficient. The structural and optical parameters obtained for NaBi(Mo0.5W0.5O4)2 were compared with the parameters of the NaBi(XO4)2 (X: Mo,W) compounds to understand the effect of the composition on the studied properties. The reported characteristics of NaBi(Mo0.5W0.5O4)2 point out that the compound has significant potential to be used in optoelectronic devices.
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing


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M. Isik, I. Guler, and N. Hasanlı, “Growth and characterization of NaBi(Mo0.5W0.5O4)2 single crystal: A promising material for optoelectronic applications,” Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, vol. 156, pp. 0–0, 2023, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: