Artificial Intelligence and Social Credit System In China

Başer, Turgut
The world we are living in today feels lots of similarities to wonderlands. As American author Marshall Brain’s utopian novel, Manna, which touches upon information technology, automation, differentiating user interfaces, robots and so on, humankind has been experiencing technology and extraordinary processes. It has been more and more common to have self-driving cars, image recognizing mobile phones, and self-cleaning vacuums. All of these developments in different fields that make everyday life easier are the blessings of the artificial intelligence (AI), which is commonly defined as “imitating intelligent human behavior” (Kok, Kosters, Boers, Putten, & Poel, 2021, p.2). This concept, defined in its most general form, is essentially the ability of a system to interpret external data accurately, learn from it, and use these learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation (IBM, 2020).
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T. Başer, “Artificial Intelligence and Social Credit System In China,” M.S. - Master Of Science Without Thesis, Middle East Technical University, 2022.