Is predicting Drug-Target Interaction Possible When A Limited Amount of Bioactivity Data is Available?

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Enformatik Enstitüsü
Motivation Lately. deep learning-based models for drug-target interaction (DTI) prediction have yielded highly promising results. However. the majority of proposed deep learning models developed so far require large-scale training data. For many proteins. there is very little bioactivity data recorded in the databases or none at all; therefore. no prediction models are available for these. For example. in ChEMBL_29. only 8% of proteins have more than 1.000 bioactive compounds. while 56% of the proteins have less than 50 bioactive compounds. Deep transfer learning can be used to learn from such small amounts of data. Transfer learning is a machine learning approach where a model is trained for a source task. and this trained source model is then reused as an initial configuration to build (train) a target model for a different but related target task. Transfer learning has not been extensively exploited so far in the area of drug-target interaction prediction. In this study. we exploit the use of transfer learning techniques for the prediction of interactions between drugs/compounds and understudied target proteins that have scarce training data.


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