Reliability measurement of nine physical fitness tests

Çiçek, Şeref


Reliability-Based Risk Assessment of Rubble Mound Breakwaters Under Tsunami Attack
Ergin, Ayşen (2002-09-01)
In the reliability-based risk assessment, the second order reliability index (beta II) method and the Conditional Expectation Monte Carlo (CEMC) simulation were utilised in order to analyse the safety levels of Haydarpasa Port main breakwater, Sea of Marmara, Turkey. The failure probability was forecasted in the beta II method by approximating the Hudson performance surface with a second-degree polynomial having an equal curvature at the design point where the design and structural parameters were taken int...
Reliability-based stability analysis and risk assessment for rock slides of Ramnefjell
Duezguen, H. S. B.; Grimstad, E. (2007-08-03)
Reliability Assessment of IGBT Through Modelling and Experimental Testing
Ahsan, Mominul; How, Siew Teay; Batunlu, Canras; Albarbar, Alhussein (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020)
Lifetime of power electronic devices, in particular those used for wind turbines, is short due to the generation of thermal stresses in their switching device e.g., IGBT particularly in the case of high switching frequency. This causes premature failure of the device leading to an unreliable performance in operation. Hence, appropriate thermal assessment and implementation of associated mitigation procedure are required to put in place in order to improve the reliability of the switching device. This paper ...
Reliability concerns of lead-free solder use in aerospace applications
Baylakoglu, Ilknur (2007-06-16)
In this paper, it has been provided the impact of lead free solder use in electronics to the aerospace electronics in the aerospace environment. These impacts especially have been faced in the areas of reliability, assembly methods, cost drivers, supply chain management, and alternative materials selection. Reliability will probably be the most significant factor for the aerospace industry if it converts to Pb free. So, the question has been addressed by focusing in the reliability issues in this paper. Som...
Yılmaz, Uğur Can; Göl, Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2021-6-30)
Electricity has a crucial role in modern life, and its absence may cause catastrophic complications. Restoration of distribution systems requires an efficient decision support mechanism as well as an accurate real-time operation. Considering the utmost importance of fast restoration of the distribution system to provide uninterrupted electricity, a decision support mechanism is required to employ an efficient analysis of the system. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze the system in a fast manner. This thesi...
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