Reliability concerns of lead-free solder use in aerospace applications

Baylakoglu, Ilknur
In this paper, it has been provided the impact of lead free solder use in electronics to the aerospace electronics in the aerospace environment. These impacts especially have been faced in the areas of reliability, assembly methods, cost drivers, supply chain management, and alternative materials selection. Reliability will probably be the most significant factor for the aerospace industry if it converts to Pb free. So, the question has been addressed by focusing in the reliability issues in this paper. Some information has been summarized from other studies to give an idea and references.


Structural design, analysis and composite manufacturing applications for a tactical unmanned air vehicle
Soysal, Sercan; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2008)
In this study structural design, analysis and composite manufacturing applications for a tactical UAV, which was designed and manufactured in Aerospace Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (METU), is introduced. In order to make an accurate structural analysis, the material and loading is modeled properly. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used to determine the 3D pressure distribution around the wing and then the nodal forces were exported into the finite element program by means...
Electrical transport in metal oxide semiconductor capacitors
Arıkan, Mustafa; Turan, Raşit; Department of Physics (2004)
The current transport mechanisms in metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitors have been studied. The devices used in this study have characterized by current-voltage analyses. Physical parameter extractions and computer generated fit methods have been applied to experimental data. Two devices have been investigated: A relatively thick oxide (125 nm) and an ultra-thin oxide (3 nm) MOS structures. The voltage and temperature dependence of these devices have been explained by using present current transport m...
Reliability improvement of RF MEMS devices based on lifetime measurements
Gürbüz, Ozan Doğan; Demir, Şimşek; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
This thesis presents fabrication of shunt, capacitive contact type RF MEMS switches which are designed according to given mm-wave performance specifications. The designed switches are modified for investigation in terms of reliability and lifetime. To observe the real-time performance of switches a time domain measurement setup is established and a CV (capacitance vs. voltage) curve measurement system is also included to measure CV curves, pull-in and hold-down voltages and the shifts of these due to actuat...
Atas, Omer; Tekinalp, Ozan (2015-01-15)
Solar sailing where the radiation pressure from Sun is utilized to propel the spacecraft is examined in the context of orbital maneuvers. In this vein a locally optimal steering law to progressively change the selected orbital elements, without considering others, of an Earth centered Keplerian orbit of a cubesat satellite with solar sail is addressed. The proper attitude maneuver mechanization is proposed to harvest highest solar radiation force in the desired direction for such Earth orbiting satellites. ...
Electroformed silicon nitride based light emitting memory device
ANUTGAN, TAMİLA; ANUTGAN, MUSTAFA; ATILGAN, İSMAİL; Katircioglu, Bayram (2017-07-31)
The resistive memory switching effect of an electroformed nanocrystal silicon nitride thin film light emitting diode (LED) is demonstrated. For this purpose, current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of the diode were systematically scanned, paying particular attention to the sequence of the measurements. It was found that when the voltage polarity was changed from reverse to forward, the previously measured reverse I-V behavior was remembered until some critical forward bias voltage. Beyond this critical volta...
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