Comparison of predicted and observed block failures in haulageways of a chromite mine

Zeytinoğlu, Mahmut Celal


Comparison of the expected damage patterns from two- and three-dimensional nonlinear dynamic analyses of a roller compacted concrete dam
Arıcı, Yalın; Binici, Barış (2014-03-04)
The seismic performance of the tallest roller-compacted concrete gravity dam in Turkey is investigated in this study. For this purpose, two- and three-dimensional nonlinear dynamic finite element analyses were conducted to investigate the expected damage under simulated ground motions. Based on the results of finite element simulations, it was found that the three-dimensional behaviour of the dam is substantially different from the idealised two-dimensional monolith behaviour, even for a dam having monolith...
Comparison of Fully Coupled and DecoupledModeling Results of Graphite Ablation In Hypersonic Flows
Onay, Oğuz; Eyi, Sinan (2019-09-20)
A thermochemical ablation modeling tool is developed for graphite material in air for reactive hypersonic flows. Multi-species and axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equations are solved for the flow field analysis. Arrhennius type of relations are utilized for finite rate reactions and chemical equilibrium is assumed on the eroding wall of graphite material. Total of thirteen species are included in the analysis in which eight of them are the products of the graphitic material ablation. Flow field, surface thermoc...
Comparison of BPN Igniter Compositions Containing Micron and Nano Sized Boron Particles
Koç, Suzan; Ulaş, Abdullah (2015-08-03)
Comparison of thermal sterilization and high hydrostatic pressure-HHP on furan formation, microbial and nutritional quality in commercial baby foods
Kültür, Gülçin; Alpas, Hami; Department of Food Engineering (2013)
Furan, which is a lipophilic contaminant and formed during heating process in foods, has been pointed out as a danger in baby foods since it has been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to human” by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Hence, a great concern has been addressed to the analysis of this substance in baby foods. This study aims to prove that sterilization of baby foods is possible by high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) without allowing the formation of furan. Firstly, HHP treatments...
Comparison of CO2emission related to off-highway trucks and belt conveyors in an open pit coal mine
Erkayaoğlu, Mustafa; Demirel, Nuray (2011-01-01)
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M. C. Zeytinoğlu, “Comparison of predicted and observed block failures in haulageways of a chromite mine,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.