Compacted/vermicular graphite iron production techniques and the section sensitivity of compacted/vermicular graphite iron.

Yaşar, Gürolhan


Compaction Behaviour of Hot Mix Asphalt Using a Compaction Simulation Model
Güler, Murat (null; 2008-09-21)
Compaction behaviour of agglomerated alumina powders
Briscoe, Brian J.; Özkan, Necati (1997-03-01)
The effects of agglomerate properties, such as the binder type, binder content, moisture level, and agglomerate size, on a model compaction process was investigated by using green density-pressure interrelationships for a range of agglomerated alumina powders. The model compaction process involved single ended nominal uniaxial stress transmission in a cylindrical die. The influences of the sample aspect ratio, die wall lubrication, and compaction rate were also investigated. Two types of water soluble polym...
Shear strength-suction relationship of compacted Ankara clay
Çokça, Erdal (Elsevier BV, 2010-08-01)
The relationship between shear strength and soil suction of compacted Ankara clay was investigated at different moisture contents. Soil samples were tested at optimum moisture content (w = 20.8%), drier than optimum (w = 14.8%, 16.8%, 18.8%) and wetter than optimum (w = 22.8%, 24.8%, 26.8%). Direct shear tests were performed. Soil suctions were measured by the filter paper method after direct shear tests. Direct shear tests and soil suction measurements were also performed on soaked samples. The soil suctio...
Shear-thickening properties of waxy maize starch dispersions
Wang, Bao; Wang, Li-jun; Li, Dong; Zhou, Yu-guang; Özkan, Necati (2011-12-01)
The influences of starch concentration and test conditions on the shear-thickening behavior of waxy maize starch (WMS) dispersions were investigated. During steady shear tests, both the concentration of WMS and test temperature influenced the shear thickening behavior of the WMS dispersions significantly. The critical shear rate for shear thickening was increased with the increasing of temperature and the decreasing of WMS concentration. No effect of gap size on the shear thickening of the WMS dispersions w...
Grindability of lignites.
Başol, Ali; Department of Mining Engineering (1980)
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G. Yaşar, “Compacted/vermicular graphite iron production techniques and the section sensitivity of compacted/vermicular graphite iron.,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.