Determination of dynamic stability derivatives for a generic combat aircraft under forced oscillations

İyigün, İbrahim


Determination of pressure and load characteristics for flexible revolving wings by means of tomographic PIV
Van De Meerendonk, Remco; Perçin, Mustafa; Van Oudheusden, Bas W. (2016-10-25)
This study explores the flow field and fluid-dynamic loads generated by revolving low-aspect-ratio wings. The pressure field and load characteristics are successfully reconstructed from the phase-locked tomographic measurements in three independently measured volumes along the span of the wing. The vortical structures encompass a low pressure region and the spatial gradient information of the pressure field provides greater insights in their stability mechanisms. The low pressure region associated with the ...
Determination of conversion factors of UCS from point load test for evaporites and sedimentary rocks and numerical modelling
Öztürk, Hasan (2016-07-29)
Determination of jet energy calibration and transverse momentum resolution in CMS
Chatrchyan, S.; et. al. (IOP Publishing, 2011-11-01)
Measurements of the jet energy calibration and transverse momentum resolution in CMS are presented, performed with a data sample collected in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 36p(-1). The transverse momentum balance in dijet and gamma/Z+jets events is used to measure the jet energy response in the CMS detector, as well as the transverse momentum resolution. The results are presented for three different methods to reconstruct jets: a ca...
Determination of flow curves of the metastable austenite
Şimşir, Caner; Davut, Kemal; Gür, Cemil Hakan (null; 2014-09-01)
Thermo-mechanical properties of metastable austenite are significant parameters for the prediction of distortion and residual stresses by heat treatment simulations. Unfortunately, acquisition of thermo-mechanical properties of a metastable phase in the complete process temperature range requires special techniques and instrumentation. in this study, flow curves of metastable austenite of SAE 52100 (EN ıoOCr6) steel were characterized by special compression tests conducted on a deformation dilatometer in 30...
Determination of Critical Submergence at Horizontal Water Intakes under Symmetrical Flow Conditions
Göğüş, Mustafa; Köken, Mete; Haspolat, Emre (null; 2016-09-23)
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İ. İyigün, “Determination of dynamic stability derivatives for a generic combat aircraft under forced oscillations,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.