Determination of flow curves of the metastable austenite

Thermo-mechanical properties of metastable austenite are significant parameters for the prediction of distortion and residual stresses by heat treatment simulations. Unfortunately, acquisition of thermo-mechanical properties of a metastable phase in the complete process temperature range requires special techniques and instrumentation. in this study, flow curves of metastable austenite of SAE 52100 (EN ıoOCr6) steel were characterized by special compression tests conducted on a deformation dilatometer in 300-850°C range. Since it is not possible to measure the flow curves of metastable austenite below martensite start (Mş) temperature by this method, the obtained data was extrapolated to room temperature in different ways. The validity of extrapolation scheme was justified by comparing of the extrapolated results with the results of a physically based material property calculation software.
17. Uluslararası Metalurji ve Malzeme Kongresi (2014)


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