Two modes of urbanization and urbanism in a peripheral town of Turkey: the case of Beypazari

Erbas, Mehmet


Conceptualization of transformations in person-urban environment interaction throughh architectural and sense-oriented terms
Tokol, Ayşegül S.; Evyapan, Gönül; Department of Architecture (1997)
Investigation of the neighborhood unit in the western fringe of Ankara
Ünver, Ece; Basa, İnci; Department of Architecture (2019)
The concept of a neighborhood -which is organized on the basis of ethical, communal, cultural, moral and religious values- is an elemental spatial environment. The spatial pattern of the neighborhood has been transformed by various factors such as; population, social, cultural, demographical and psychological processes from the beginning of urbanization tendencies in the 20th century both in Turkey and in the Western hemisphere. Accordingly, the housing question and the formation of different dwelling types...
A Benjaminian re-reading of the “urban image” at the verge of the 21st century
Binboğa, Seçil; Erzen, Jale Adile; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2013)
The aim of this thesis is to put forward a critical perspective into the metropolis of the 21st Century through the critical materialist historiography of Walter Benjamin, and in the light of the idea of montage by Dziga Vertov. For this purpose, the methodological approach of these two authors, called “thinking in images”, and their basic montage concepts; “dialectical image” and “interval” will be assessed in order to develop a critical reading of the dialectic between the urban image and the urban readin...
The Political construction of urban development projects: The Political construction of urban development projects : the case of İzmir
Penpecioğlu, Mehmet; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2012)
Urban Development Projects (UDPs) have become hegemonic projects of redefining urban political priorities. The political construction of UDPs could not only be investigated through analyzing capital accumulation processes. To reveal how UDPs are politically constructed, this thesis investigates how governmental and non-governmental agents form a hegemonic block to mobilize hegemonic discursive practices and coercive-legislative mechanisms in the formation of UDPs. A Lefebvrian-inspired neo-Gramscian theoret...
A Study on social sustainability: the case of doğanbey urban renewal project in Bursa
Hürol, Hatice Yasemin; Zelef, Mustafa Haluk; Department of Architecture (2014)
Sustainability in architecture is discussed mostly in terms of economic and environmental dimensions. However, this thesis mainly purposes to argue the issues taking part in determining social sustainability as a relatively independent area. This study includes the analysis of impacts of urban renewal projects carried out in existing urban areas which faces socially and culturally depression process within the whole city. Later on, this discussion will be concretized on the case study of Doğanbey Urban Rene...
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M. Erbas, “Two modes of urbanization and urbanism in a peripheral town of Turkey: the case of Beypazari,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1995.