A Benjaminian re-reading of the “urban image” at the verge of the 21st century

Binboğa, Seçil
The aim of this thesis is to put forward a critical perspective into the metropolis of the 21st Century through the critical materialist historiography of Walter Benjamin, and in the light of the idea of montage by Dziga Vertov. For this purpose, the methodological approach of these two authors, called “thinking in images”, and their basic montage concepts; “dialectical image” and “interval” will be assessed in order to develop a critical reading of the dialectic between the urban image and the urban reading. This dialectical relationship will be read via multiple temporalities-multiple bodies and moments of rupture-leap, while the 21st Century-metropolis is regarded as a movement/mobility or a “montage in motion”, which is under an ongoing transformation in-between the image of multiplicities and the image of resistance.