The idea of universality of ethical norms in Ghazali and Immanuel Kant

Abdullah, M. Amin


Analysis and control of gun barrel vibrations
Büyükcivelek, Fırat; Özgen, Gökhan Osman; Dursun, Tolga; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2011)
Modern battle tanks are equipped with gun stabilization systems using gyro and encoder data to stabilize the gun barrel, although these systems are very sensitive and reliable, these systems assume the gun barrel as a rigid beam, and do not use information from.
How does innovativeness yield superior firm performance? The role of marketing effectiveness
Alpay, Guven; Bodur, Muzaffer; Yılmaz, Cengiz; Buyukbalci, Pinar (2012-03-01)
This paper examines the role of marketing effectiveness in the relationship between innovativeness dimensions (e.g., product, market, process, strategic, and behavioral innovativeness) and firm performance. Data were collected via structured questionnaires from 112 firms operating in Turkey and analyzed through hierarchical regression analysis. Findings indicate that different dimensions of innovativeness have different effects on marketing effectiveness and firm performance. The results also support the me...
The Relationship between the Egyptian State and the muslim brotherhood from 1952 to 1970
Eldeniz, Selin; Boztemur, Recep; Department of Middle East Studies (2012)
This thesis aims to analyze the relationship between two main inspiration sources of the Arab world, both emerged in Egypt: Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Muslim Brotherhood. The focus is defined as the relationship between the Egyptian state of Nasser’s era and the Muslim Brotherhood; hence the time period is determined to be between 1952 and 1970. The reason why I have chosen this subject is that for the Middle East in general, and Egypt in particular, both actors have played a significant role in the path of...
On modelling of microwave heating of a ceramic material
KOZLOV, P. V.; Rafatov, İsmail; KULUMBAEV, E. B.; LELEVKIN, V. M. (2007-05-07)
A simple model is proposed and tested for simulations of ceramic processing by microwave heating. The model is based on a piecewise constant approximation of the material properties and makes it possible to separate and analyse different effects caused by the sample shape and the dependence of the material properties on temperature. Specifically, the simulation results demonstrate that microwave heating of an alumina sample can be very sensitive to a variation of its dielectric constant with temperature. Fo...
Human nature, ethics and politics in the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and Immanuel Kant
Yağanak, Eray; Turan, Şeref Halil; Department of Philosophy (2013)
The aim of this study is to make a comparison between Thomas Hobbes’ and Immanuel Kant’s theories of human nature, ethics and politics. This thesis defends the arguments of Kant’s republican political theory against the claims raised by Hobbes. In this thesis, I shall argue that Hobbes’ empiricist/mechanistic understanding of human nature cannot provide freedom of action for human beings within his ethical and political theory. In contrast to Hobbes, I shall defend the thesis that Kant’s understanding of hu...
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M. A. Abdullah, “The idea of universality of ethical norms in Ghazali and Immanuel Kant,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1990.