An automated resistive direct analog computer-ARDAC.

Güran, Hasan Cengiz


GOKMEN, A; YALCIN, S (1992-01-01)
A versatile interface card for Apple IIe computer and various peripheral devices are designed to control instruments which generates transient signals like in graphite furnace atomic spectrometer. The interface card consists of a multiplexed analog-to-digital converter, a digital-to-analog converter, and a timer/counter chip. The timer/counter chip with 16 built-in registers can be programmed in many modes which provides a time base for real-time measurements. A stepper motor runs under the control of ti...
An Evaluation of the smart city approach
Karadağ, Tunç; Gedikli, Bahar; Department of City and Regional Planning (2013)
Contemporary cities challenge with complex problems. Different aspects of problems can be listed like ecological, demographical, economical or spatial. These problems require smart solutions. Increasing population and urbanization also force us to develop intelligent approaches to create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable cities. It’s important that local authorities and planners have to have precise data to take actions against day to day urban problems. Collecting data and turning them...
Enabling Grids for E-sciencE III (EGEE-III)
Şener, Cevat(2010-4-30)
A globally distributed computing Grid now plays an essential role for large-scale, data intensive science in many fields of research. The concept has been proven viable through the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project (EGEE and EGEE-II, 2004-2008) and its related projects. EGEE-II is consolidating the operations and middleware of this Grid for use by a wide range of scientific communities, such as astrophysics, computational chemistry, earth and life sciences, fusion and particle physics. Strong quality ass...
An investigation on the Turkish science teachers’ vıews related to education for sustaınable development
Özsoy, Rengin; Teksöz, Gaye; Department of Elementary Science and Mathematics Education (2019)
The main purpose of this study is to explore Turkish science teachers’ views on the meaning of SD and the ESD content of Turkish Science Curriculum in terms of the program content and the implementations. The study was conducted 27 middle school science teachers working in Mamak district of Ankara in March 2016. The data was gathered through semi-structured interviews with middle school science teachers. The study comprised of teachers’ views on SD and ESD, and teachers’ suggestions and practices about ESD ...
Reconsideration of genius loci: re-generative design approach in environmentally sensitive architecture
Emerce, Melike; Erkılıç, Mualla; Department of Architecture (2015)
Green building rating systems, such as LEED and BREEAM, were initially developed for assessing the performance of the building designs as end-products. With the passage of time, they have gained such significance that they started to lead the green design practice. However, the inappropriate adaptation of these international rating tools as design guides has resulted in insensitivity towards context, disregard of regional and cultural variations since they have certain limitations preventing them to guide t...
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H. C. Güran, “An automated resistive direct analog computer-ARDAC.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1976.