Construction and optimality of extended most balanced group divisible treatment incomplete block designs

Islam, Mohammad Qamarul


Construction of treatment incomplete block designs: An integer programming approach
İslam, Muhammed Qamarul (1997-08-01)
In many areas of Science, such as Industry, Agriculture, Biology and Medicine, while performing experiments, the problem of Multiple Comparison with Control is often encountered. Some new varieties (or test treatments) become of interest and existing one, called the control, is eventually be replaced by one of these new varieties. Balanced Incomplete Block Designs introduced by Bechhofer and Tamhane (1981), are appropriate for such comparison. This class of designs is latter extended to a larger class of pa...
Development and comparison of transforms for prediction residuals of markov-process-based intra prediction
Tekeli, Nihat; Kamışlı, Fatih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
Intra prediction is an important tool used in modern intra-frame coding. In intra prediction, a block of pixels are predicted from previously reconstructed neighbor pixels of the block by copying the previously reconstructed neighbor pixels of the block along an angular direction inside the block. The prediction residual block is then transformed with the conventional 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). Recently, it has been shown that transforming the intra prediction residuals with an Asymmetric Discrete...
Leading logarithmic QCD corrections to the B-s->gamma gamma decay rate including long-distance effects through B-s->phi gamma->gamma gamma
Hiller, G; Iltan, EO (1997-09-18)
We present leading logarithmic QCD corrections to the decay B-s --> gamma gamma in the Standard Model. Further, the form factor F-1(0) of B-s --> phi gamma is calculated in the framework of QCD sum rules and found to be in agreement with the result existing in the literature. Using Vector Meson Dominance model, the amplitude for B-s --> phi gamma --> gamma gamma is calculated as an estimate of the O-7-type contributions to the long-distance effects in the B-s --> gamma gamma decay. The resulting branching r...
sigma-meson and omega-rho mixing effects in omega ->pi(+)pi(-)gamma decay
Gokalp, A; Kucukarslan, A; Solmaz, S; Yılmaz, Osman (2003-08-01)
We calculate the branching ratio of omega --> pi(+)pi(-)gamma decay in a phenomenological framework in which the contributions of VMD, chiral loops, sigma-meson intermediate state amplitudes and the effects of omega-rho mixing axe considered. We conclude that the sigma-meson intermediate state amplitude-and omega-rho mixing make substantial contribution to the branching ratio.
Preparation and characterization of butadiene-styrene and ethylene oxide-styrene block copolymers.
Orhan, Erdal H; Baysal, Bahattin; Department of Chemistry (1975)
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M. Q. Islam, “Construction and optimality of extended most balanced group divisible treatment incomplete block designs,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1989.