Effects of channel geometry and orientation on forced flow boiling of water and burnout.

Yücel, Birol


Effects of heat input on metallurgical behavior in HAZ of multi-pass and multi-layer welded IN-939 superalloy
Mashhuriazar, Amirhossein; Gür, Cemil Hakan; Sajuri, Zainuddin; Omidvar, Hamid (2021-11-01)
The hot components of a gas turbine are susceptible to damage in the high-temperature environment of turbine engine operation. Given that these components are relatively costly to manufacture, they are often repaired than replaced when damaged. Fusion welding is an economical method for repairing the damaged components of a gas turbine. This research examines the roles of heat input, pass number and layer number on the intergranular liquation cracking of the Inconel-939 (IN-939) precipitate nickel base supe...
The Effect of peer helping training program on peer helpers’ personal and social competency
Taşkın, Dilanur; Hatipoğlu Sümer, Zeynep.; Department of Educational Sciences (2019)
The present study aimed to investigate the effect of a peer helping training program on peer helpers’ personal and social competency. The study, which employed a matching-only pretest-posttest control group quasi experimental design, was implemented in a public middle school in Eskişehir. Non-parametric statistical tests were used to analyze the quantitative data, the results of which revealed that, subsequent to the implementation of the peer helping training program, the aggressiveness post-test scores of...
A search for a methodology to identify the effect of employee characteristics on spatial requirements and expectations from modern office design
Kına, Zeyne; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2020)
Dominance of the knowledge intensive sectors over the global economy, change in business nature and innovation becoming the main source of competition has affected also the physical workplaces. Eventually, 21st century office design concept has risen with the purpose of increasing collaboration, motivation and so creativity and innovation. However, there cannot be a standardized office design that is well suited to all companies due to three main factors, which are culture, sector and employee characteristi...
Effect of tube surface geometry on the rate of heat transfer in desalination by evaporation.
Özgen, Canan; Somer, Tarık G.; Department of Chemical Engineering (1978)
Effect of Weathering Tests on Microfracture Properties of the Massive and Vesicular Basalts
DURSUN, FELAT; Topal, Tamer (2020-10-03)
Petrographic investigations not only provide knowledge on the mineralogical state and provenance of rock materials, they also can be used as a strong tool for evaluating its weathering potential and durability. It is known that the type, amount, dimension, orientation and density of cracks have a great influence on the weathering of the stone material. The chemical agents, for instance, that cause weathering in rock materials, use cracks to penetrate their depths. This study aims to understand how accelerat...
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B. Yücel, “Effects of channel geometry and orientation on forced flow boiling of water and burnout.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1976.