Geometry of almost complex substructures

Doğanaksoy, Ali


Bordisms of complex subbundles of tangent bundles
Al-Bsoul, Adnan Ahmed; Önder, Mustafa Turgut; Department of Mathematics (1994)
Tight contact structures on hyperbolic three-manifolds
Seçgin, Merve; Arıkan, Mehmet Fırat; Department of Mathematics (2018)
In this dissertation, we study tight contact structures on hyperbolic 3-manifolds and homology spheres. We build a family of infinitely many hyperbolic 3-manifolds admitting tight contact structures. To put it more explicitly, we consider a certain infinite family of surface bundles over the circle whose monodromies are taken from some collection of pseudo-Anosov diffeomorphisms. We show the existence of tight contact structure on every closed 3-manifold obtained via rational r-surgery along a section of an...
Smooth manifolds with infinite fundamental group admitting no real projective structure
Çoban, Hatice; Ozan, Yıldıray; Department of Mathematics (2017)
In this thesis, we construct smooth manifolds with the infinite fundamental group Z_2*Z_2, for any dimension n>=4, admitting no real projective structure. They are first examples of manifolds in higher dimensions with infinite fundamental group admitting no real projective structures. The motivation of our study is the related work of Cooper and Goldman. They proved that RP^3#RP^3 does not admit any real projective structure and this is the first known example in dimension 3. 
General Topology- Differentiable Manifolds ( Math 709)
Ozan, Yıldıray(2020-3-25)
Joint Channel Estimation and Decoding with Low-Complexity Iterative Structures in Time-Varying Fading Channels
Yapici, Yavuz; Yılmaz, Ayşen (2009-09-16)
A low-complexity iterative channel estimation (ICE) algorithm is proposed with the promise of improved error performance. The new algorithm operates the LMS filter both in the forward and the backward directions along a block. The feedback from the decoder to the estimator is in the form of soft decisions. The pilot symbol assisted modulation (PSAM) is used as the transmission technique. The effect of code choice on various ICE algorithms is also explored by considering the blockwise concatenated codes init...
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A. Doğanaksoy, “Geometry of almost complex substructures,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1987.