Numerical simulations of Artificial triggering of equatorial spread F

Çakır, Serhat


Local image structures and optic flow estimation
Kalkan, Sinan; Worgotter, F.; Lappe, M.; Kruger, N. (Informa UK Limited, 2005-12-01)
Different kinds of local image structures (such as homogeneous, edge-like and junction-like patches) can be distinguished by the intrinsic dimensionality of the local signals. Intrinsic dimensionality makes use of variance from a point and a line in spectral representation of the signal in order to classify it as homogeneous, edge-like or junction-like. The concept of intrinsic dimensionality has been mostly exercised using discrete formulations; however, recent work (Felsberg & Kriger 2003; Kruger & Felsbe...
Developing a geographical information system for the gallipoli campaign
Sağlam, Ayhan; Düzgün, H. Şebnem; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2005)
Geographical Information System (GIS) is a very powerful technique which is used in solving different problems in various fields dealing with spatial information. It can also be used for analyzing wars and campaign. Today̕s modern armies use GIS effectively for different purposes such as determining strategic points and planning attack and defense. GIS can also be used for past wars, and historical GIS includes these kinds of applications. In this study, GIS have been used for analyzing Gallipoli Campaign i...
Assessment of scenarios for sustainable transportation at METU Campus
Altıntaşı, Oruç; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Sustainable transportation aims encouragement of non-motorized (pedestrian and bicyclist) and shared-ride transportation modes instead of car-dependent travels. This is important for university campuses, as they have better chance to implement such policies in a rather controlled traffic network, and can set an example to other communities. Most of sustainable campus transportation programs boil down to reduction of car-based emission cost of campus mobility, which is always the first step in developing mor...
First-order and second-order statistical analysis of 3d and 2d image structure
Kalkan, Sinan; Kruger, N. (Informa UK Limited, 2007-06-01)
In the first part of this article, we analyze the relation between local image structures (i.e., homogeneous, edge-like, corner-like or texture-like structures) and the underlying local 3D structure (represented in terms of continuous surfaces and different kinds of 3D discontinuities) using range data with real-world color images. We find that homogeneous image structures correspond to continuous surfaces, and discontinuities are mainly formed by edge-like or corner-like structures, which we discuss regard...
Musical mirror-symmetrical movement tasks: comparison of rhythm versus melody-playing
Tokgoz, Serhat; Aydogdu, Demet; Ilhan, Barkin; Sahin, Yusuf; Bariseri, Nurtug; Ozturkler, Batu Mehmet; ÇUKUR, TOLGA (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2020-05-07)
Bimanual mirror-symmetrical movement (MSM) is relatively easy to control movement. Different MSM tasks may have different activations and interhemispheric interactions. The purpose of this study is to compare anatomo-physiological features such as hemispheric activations and dominance of two different MSMs, namely melody-playing and rhythm. We examined functional MRI (fMRI) recordings in a group of fifteen right-handed pianists performing two separate tasks: bimanual rhythm and bimanual melody-playing on tw...
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S. Çakır, “Numerical simulations of Artificial triggering of equatorial spread F,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1987.