A Measurement tool for computer aided education teams

Taner Ovayurt, Esra


A knowledge-based risk mapping tool for cost estimation of international construction projects
Yildiz, Acelya Ecem; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Ercoskun, Kerem; Alten, Selcuk (Elsevier BV, 2014-07-01)
Effective risk assessment and management is critical for success in international construction projects. This paper proposes a knowledge-based risk mapping tool for systematically assessing risk-related variables that may lead to cost overrun in international markets. The tool uses an ontology that relates risk and vulnerability to cost overrun [1] and a novel risk-vulnerability assessment methodology [2] to estimate potential risk paths that may emerge in international construction projects. The tool has b...
A Method for monitoring quality in long run product development projects
Özden, Gülçin; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2019)
For complex products, product development may take a long time. Late delivery and customer dissatisfaction may be inevitable if product quality is not assured from the beginning of the development. The aim of this study is to propose a method to monitor such product development projects from the viewpoint of product quality as well as schedule and cost. The method proposed is built mainly upon Quality Function Deployment (QFD). QFD is already a frequently used approach in relating customer needs to product ...
A Decision support tool for contingency and profit analysis of international construction portfolios
Özçelik, Nizami; Sönmez, Rifat; Department of Civil Engineering (2015)
In construction sector, estimations of contingency and profit amounts are generally based on experience and intuition. However, the relation between the desired profit amount and the risk undertaken is not considered usually during profit setting. In addition, most of the studies in the literature have been focused on a single project’s contingency rate, but many construction companies carry out several projects simultaneously. Contingency-profit analysis for portfolios of projects is very important to eval...
A mission analysis software for small satellites
Koprücü, Salih Ulaş; Özçelik, Salih Abdullah; Altunay, Şulenur; Yağlıoğlu, Burak; Tekinalp, Ozan (null; 2019-09-18)
In this paper, a mission analysis software is described for LEO small satellites which is developed by students participating in the APSCO (Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization) Student Small Satellite (SSS) project. The software currently includes several functionalities such as orbit propagation with the options of SGP4 and numerical integration as well as calculation of groundtracks, eclipse durations, solar and albedo fluxes on the satellite panels, communication intervals, imaging opportunities ...
A decision support system for assessing landfill performance
Celik, Basak; Girgin, Sertan; Yazıcı, Adnan; Ünlü, Kahraman (Elsevier BV, 2010-01-01)
Designing environmentally sound landfills is a challenging engineering task due to complex interactions of numerous design variables; such as landfill size, waste characteristics, and site hydrogeology. Decision support systems (DSS) can be utilized to handle these complex interactions and to aid in a performance-based landfill design by coupling system simulation models (SSM). The aim of this paper is to present a decision support system developed for a performance-based landfill design. The developed DSS ...
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E. Taner Ovayurt, “A Measurement tool for computer aided education teams,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.