A Critique of the individuation problem in the philosophy of internal relations.

Çelik, Kadir Sinan
In the present study, by determining the externalist and internalist accounts of individuation, it is aimed to make a comparative analysis of the individuation problem. After the problems of individuation within substance and bundle theory are shown, based on the interpretation of dialectics as philosophy of internal relations, an alternative account of individuation is tried to develop. Within the framework drawn, it is proposed that Bertell Oilman's conceptualization of the process of abstraction is evaluated as a possible solution to the individuation problem. However, such an approach criticized as being a possible description of the problem, not a proper explanation or solution. To overcome this problem in philosophy of internal relations, one should develop a detailed realist interpretation of it. Nevertheless, within the scope of the present study it is just retained with a limited critique of individuation problem in philosophy of internal relations.


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K. S. Çelik, “A Critique of the individuation problem in the philosophy of internal relations.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.