Challenging the image of Turkish women: travel accounts of female authors 1762-1935

Ezer, Özlem
This thesis brings to light the image of Turkish women over time as it is depicted mostly in the travel accounts and the memoirs of Western and Turkish women. As such, it attempts to contribute to women's history and to analyse travel writing from a gender-sensitive perspective. The works covered here were written between lS^O centuries. Included are the works of Western female writers (Lady Montagu, Grace Ellison and Marc Helys) who traveled to Turkey as well as Turkish women who wrote their impressions of the West (Zeyneb Hanoum, Selma Ekrem, and Halide Edib). The contributions to reconstruct the stereotypical image of Turkish women are illustrated in these memoirs and the existence of a distinctive western female voice to the formation of a different Turkish woman image is underlined as well. The work of Pierre Loti is also analysed with the aim of contrasting male and female writers perspectives. To achieve this, the discourses of nationalism and gender are placed in the foreground, while the intricate bonds between cultural differences, language (the expression of exile) and images are interwoven within this analysis where appropriate
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Ö. Ezer, “Challenging the image of Turkish women: travel accounts of female authors 1762-1935,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.