Determination of reducibility and reduction-disintegration indices of steelmaking slag added iron ore sinters

Günaydın, Aydemir


Bawani, Muhammad Raheel; Arol, Ali İhsan; Tozsin, Gülşen; Department of Mining Engineering (2021-12-17)
Oltu-stone (Jet Stone), also known as black amber, is a fossilized, organic, and natural material formed by the transformation of certain trees under high pressure. It is called Oltu-stone because its occurrences are primarily located in the Oltu district of Erzurum. Generally, it is mined by small miners from nearby villages using rather primitive methods. After a rough sorting at the mine site, Oltu-stone is mainly used in manufacturing worry beads, tespih, and to a lesser extent, certain ornamental goods...
Determination of spot welding parameters of thick, heat treared sea 4140 steel parts
Tandoğan, A Bengü; Ankara, Alpay; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (1998)
Determination of stress intensity factors in cracked panels reinforced with riveted stiffeners
Sayar, Mehmet Burak; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2012)
This thesis presents a study about the determination of the stress intensity factors in cracked sheets with riveted stiffeners. Stress intensity factors are determined with both analytical method and finite element method for different combination of rivet/stringer spacing and stringer to sheet stiffness ratio. Analytical part of the thesis is a replication of the original study of Poe which assumes rigid rivet connections with no stringer offset. In the analytical part, the whole systems of equations of Po...
Determination of environmental distribution of some toxic and non-toxic substance in selected basin "studies on quality of environmental data"
Sanin, Selim L; Balkaş, Turgut; Department of Environmental Engineering (1989)
Determination of optimum overall slope angle for an open pit iron mine
Akdağ, Selahattin; Başarır, Hakan; Department of Mining Engineering (2015)
Currently, vast majority of the mineral extraction is conducted by open pit mining operations. With the improvements in mining industry, mines have become progressively deeper leading to slope stability problems. Therefore, slope stability assessment has gained more significance for geotechnical engineering. Moreover, deepening the open pit mines has revealed the necessity of designing optimized slopes with regard to the economic viability. Steepening the ultimate slope of an open pit as much as possible mi...
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A. Günaydın, “Determination of reducibility and reduction-disintegration indices of steelmaking slag added iron ore sinters,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.