Thermal analysis of gray cast iron by interpretation of cooling curves

Çetin, Arda
The aim of the present work is to investigate the relations between data obtained from the cooling curve and its first and second derivatives and the as-cast microstructure of gray cast iron, assuming that the cooling curve reflects the complete history of the solidification process. Fourteen different alloy compositions are prepared in order to obtain statistical predictive models to relate cooling curve parameters with the solidification variables such as chemical analysis, inoculation, graphite shape, primary and eutectic structures, all of which will be discussed by means of potential applications of regression equations. A program is written in Mathcad in order to process the thermal data for plotting the cooling curve, its first and second derivatives for calculation of critical temperatures on the cooling curve. Further analysis of the data consisted of calculation of the rate of heat of solidification at every time IIIstep for both primary dendrites and the eutectic and calculation of heats of primary and eutectic solidification by means of numerical integrations.
Citation Formats
A. Çetin, “Thermal analysis of gray cast iron by interpretation of cooling curves,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.