Formalization of core-competency processes for integration of value-add chains.

Manzer, Ayesha
Process Models for the core-competency processes of enterprises are represented in task systems. For a virtual enterprise that is formed by an integration of the individual organizations' processes over the Internet, the preservation of some attributes is investigated. With the aid of task systems as a formalism that is borrowed from the operating systems theory, processes and attributes are modeled. The anticipated utilization is in the form of a tool that will aid the formation of virtual enterprises over the Internet. All the participating organizations should contribute by providing what they are best at; their core competencies offered in the form of a process model. The value-add-chains can be formed by locating and iiiintegrating component-processes to a combined process-model for the production of the final delivery (service or product). Besides offering a verification tool, formal representation of the individual processes and the integrated process, preservation of some process attributes can be investigated by such representation. The selected process attributes in this dissertation are efficiency, repeatability, manageability, and unprovability. These attributes are mapped to low- level task features such as determinacy, deadlocks, mutual exclusion, and unprovability. Some features can directly contribute to the preservation analysis for high-level process attributes, and some others are subject to a prescribed method as an indirect investigation. The above mentioned representation and attribute investigation are applied to a case study. Results are explained by real-world consequences of the attributes and process integration. The case study comprises realistic process models, integrated virtually for the dissertation
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A. Manzer, “Formalization of core-competency processes for integration of value-add chains.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2002.