New geography of branch banking in Turkey

Özbek, Oguz
This thesis aims at analyzing the spatial processes of money within an institutional framework. Theoretical framework is based on the analysis of four areas: money, power, space and technology. The study deals with the Turkish case on two grounds: geography of money and geography of banking. The components of the study in the Turkish case are banking, banking areas by provinces and regions, branch networks, economic policy, new financial technology and institutional system in particular. This study attempts to answer the question of how the institutional and technological developments in banking have contributed to the processes of financial exclusion, financial concentration and homogenization of financial space in Turkey. To define these processes, a broader spatial analysis on branch banking by the stages of banking development in Turkey and its detailed analysis by a number of geographical-financial variables (branch network, population, bank credits and deposits) in the last decade are made.
Citation Formats
O. Özbek, “New geography of branch banking in Turkey,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2002.