Development of mass spectrometric methods for negative ion studies

Hacaloglu, Jale


Detrital zircon ages and provenance of the triassic carpholite-bearing metaconglomerates in the southern menderes massif
Deveci, Zehra; Bozkurt, Erdin; Department of Geological Engineering (2013)
The recent documentation of HP relics (carphiolite-bearing metaconglomerates) from the Kurudere area (Selimiye-Milas, Muğla) was one of the most important discoveries in the southern Menderes Massif. The metaconglomerates form the lowest most lithologies of the so-called marble unit and lie structurally above the schists with a proposed thrust fault. The metaconglomerates occur at two distinct horizons, each of which shows opposing sense of shearing in an overturned anticlinal structure. U–Pb–Hf zircon anal...
Development of non-invasive and biocompatible thin film micro-extraction contact lens-type devices compatible for in vivo metabolomics investigations from eye surface
Nalbant, Atakan Arda; Boyacı, Ezel; Department of Chemistry (2020-7)
In this thesis, the aim was to develop biocompatible extractive thin films in contact lens geometries with application potential for in vivo sampling of small molecules from the eye surface with the ultimate goal of being suitable for untargeted metabolomics and biomarker discoveries. For this purpose, polydimethylsiloxane was functionalized with amine-containing groups using in situ modification approach and thin films were characterized with Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, energy dispersive x-ray...
Mathematical analysis of peeling of carrots
Aydın, Özlem; Adalı, Orhan; Department of Food Engineering (2005)
In this study, carrots of Beypazarı variety, cultivated during 2004 season were chemically and steam peeled. Effects of temperature, concentration of NaOH solutions and immersion time on lye peeling of carrots were studied; optimum time-temperature-concentration relations were analyzed mathematically. Then suitable combinations of concentration, temperature and time were determined just by considering degree of peeling. Increases in both temperature and concentration of lye solution led to a decrease in pee...
An experimental and theoretical investigation of the aerodynamics of the isothermal confined concentric jet system.
Ilıcalı, Çoşkan; Gürüz, Kemal; Department of Chemical Engineering (1979)
Conducting polymer blends of polythiophene
Yiğit, Semih; Akbulut, Ural; Department of Chemistry (1996)
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J. Hacaloglu, “Development of mass spectrometric methods for negative ion studies,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.