Re-reading 'the Jansen plan': The early republican project of modernity within man-nature relationship

Karamustafa, Güvenç
The scope of this thesis is to emphasize the relation between the early republican Turkish project of modernity and the Jansen Plan. Focusing on the qualities of environmental change, the radical republican project of modernity in relation to nature is explored in historical perspective. The project of modernity as originated in late Renaissance, gradually progressed in time and required a new social construction over nature. And consequently Turkey has its share as well, in which environmental conception upon nature and society was now possible. The project of modernity also included a new conception of nature and society. This new conception, for us, advanced quite significant environmental and urban transformations at once. Thus Jansen' ideas, in light of the Kemalist reforms, also works on the transformation of Ankara from a modest medieval town into a modem capital and calls for its natural qualities for further constructions.
Citation Formats
G. Karamustafa, “Re-reading ‘the Jansen plan’: The early republican project of modernity within man-nature relationship,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.