Short term stability of slopes in Ankara clay.

Mirata, Türker


Evaluation of surface soil geochemical data and statistical modeling of akarca fula tepe low sulfidation epithermal au-ag mineralization (Bursa), Turkey
Bal, Derya; Karahanoğlu, Nurkan; Department of Geological Engineering (2015)
The Akarca property is dominated by Triassic sedimentary units that tectonically overlie Pre-Triassic basement rocks (schists and marbles). The property displays characteristics of a low sulfidation Au-Ag deposit type in terms of alteration, mineralization and vein textures. The Akarca property is characterized by six primary mineralized zones. Among these zones, Fula Tepe Zone formed the subject of this thesis. The main aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the results of surface soil geochemistry data a...
Densitification of cohesionless soils by vertical vibrations with special reference to maximum density determination.
Wasti, Yıldız; Alyanak, Ilgaz; Soydemir, Çetin; Department of Civil Engineering (1976)
Cyclic response of saturated silts
Saglam, Selman; Bakır, Bahadır Sadık (Elsevier BV, 2014-06-01)
Softening and strength loss of sands with increasing excess pore water pressure under repeated loads is well-known. However, extensive damage to the built environment also occurs at the sites underlain by fine grained soils during seismic shaking. The primary objective of this study is to investigate the factors affecting cyclic behavior of saturated low-plastic silt through laboratory testing. For this purpose, an extensive laboratory testing program including conventional monotonic and cyclic triaxial tes...
Optimum characteristic properties of isolators with bilinear force-displacement hysteresis for seismic protection of bridges built on various site soils
Dicleli, Murat (Elsevier BV, 2011-07-01)
In this study, closed form equations as functions of the isolator, bridge and ground motion properties are formulated to calculate the optimum characteristic strength, Q(d) and post-elastic stiffness, k(d), of the isolator to minimize the maximum isolator displacement (MID) and force (MIF) for seismic isolated bridges (SIBS). For this purpose, first, sensitivity analyses are conducted to identify the bridge, isolator and ground motion parameters that affect the optimum values of Q(d) and k(d). Next, for the...
Distribution of bending moments in laterally loaded passive pile groups a model study
Öztürk, Şevki; Ergun, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
In this study, bending moment distributions developed in laterally loaded passive pile and passive pile groups in cohesionless soil were investigated in laboratory conditions through model pile experiments. Different from the active pile loading, the lateral load was given directly to the piles using a movable large direct shear box. In these experiments strain gauges fastened to the piles and a computer based data reading system were used. The strain values were measured at five levels on the piles. The be...
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T. Mirata, “Short term stability of slopes in Ankara clay.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.