Vestiges of Greek tragedy in three modern plays - Eequus, A View from the Bridge and Long Day's Journey into Night

Yazgan (Uzunefe), Yasemin
This thesis analyses three modern plays that are identified as modern tragedies, Equus, A View From the Bridge and Long Day̕s Journey Into the Night, to find out whether they share certain themes with classical Greek tragedies. These themes are namely values and conflict, hamartia and learning through suffering. Three Greek plays, Agamemnon, Oedipus Rex and Medea will be used as foils to conduct this comparative study. The study will aim to support the view that these major themes appear both in ancient Greek and modern tragedies.


Absurdity of the human condition in the Novels by Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett
Zileli, Bilge Nihal; İçöz, Nursel; Department of English Literature (2005)
This study carries out both a technical and a thematic analysis of the novels by Albert Camus, L̕Etranger, La Peste, and La Chute, and Samuel Beckett, Molloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnamable. In the technical analysis of the novels, the study explores the differences in characterization and narrative technique. It argues that the differences in these two issues mainly emerge from the difference in the two authors̕ views of art. In the thematic analysis, on the other hand, the study focuses on the recurring t...
Endless pursuit realitythrough metadramatic devices in Tom Stoppard's plays Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Real İnspector Hound and Travesties
Yedekçi, Esra; Arslan, Yedekçi; Department of English Literature (2010)
This thesis aims to investigate the question of reality in Tom Stoppard’s plays Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Real Inspector Hound, and Travesties. Each of these plays closely examines the nature of reality and certainty and shows Stoppard as the critique of grand narratives of Reality, Truth, and Art. By deconstructing these master narratives, Stoppard attempts to invalidate the convictions that reality is fixed and that art should faithfully reproduce the material world in which reality is pe...
Postmodernist and poststructuralist elements in Samuel Beckett’s "The Trilogy" and Oğuz Atay’s "Tehlikeli Oyunlar"
Kaya, Hilal; İçöz, Nursel; Department of English Language Teaching (2009)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the postmodernist and poststructuralist elements in Samuel Beckett’s The Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable and Oğuz Atay’s Tehlikeli Oyunlar. One text from English literature and one from Turkish literature will be compared. In Beckett’s and Atay’s novels the main issues of postmodernism and poststructuralism such as subject-object dialectic, the metaphysics of presence, the correspondence theory of truth, origin, self, language, intertextuality and metafiction...
A Sartrean reading of John Fowles’s the collector and the french lieuteant’s woman
Karsli, Zehra; Korkut Naykı, Nil; Department of English Literature (2019)
This thesis is an attempt to explore how John Fowles’s protagonists in his two novels The Collector and The French Lieutenant’s Woman experience Sartrean existentialism and their striving for freedom and authenticity. This study aims at the portrayal of these characters as inauthentic according to the themes and concepts of Sartrean existentialism along with Fowles’s view of the acclaimed ideology. The study purposes to draw the similarities and differences between Sartrean and Fowlesian understanding of fr...
Myths of oppression revisited in Cherrie Moraga and Liz Lochhead's plays
Bilgin Tekin, İnci; Çileli, Fatma Meral; Department of English Literature (2010)
This study examines codes of oppression reflected in western myths and further analyzes the ways these myths are revisited in two contemporary British and American women playwrights', Liz Lochhead and Cherrie Moraga's, dramatic adaptations and rewritings. In this respect a postcolonial feminist approach and a comparative perspective are adopted in rereading signs of gender, ethnic or racial and hierarchical oppression through the challenging and revolutionary, feminist and Scottish, lesbian and Chicana repr...
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Y. Yazgan (Uzunefe), “Vestiges of Greek tragedy in three modern plays - Eequus, A View from the Bridge and Long Day’s Journey into Night,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2003.