Structural and functional analysis of Henry James's novel the Portrait of a Lady with a comparison of Jane Campion's adaptation of the novel

Çelebi, Hatice
The aim this thesis is to analyse the narrative structure of the novel, The Portrait of A Lady, with the aim of revealing how meaning is made and to show how certain elements are transferred to the film version and the consequent changes in meaning and emphasis. The structural analysis of The Portrait will chiefly rely on Shlomith Rimmon- Kenan̕s scheme she draws in her book Narrative Fiction. The functional analysis to show the consequent changes in meaning and emphasis, on the other hand, will rely on Roland Barthes̕s theory of functions he discusses in his article أ Structural Analysis of Narrativesؤ. In order to explore the narrative structure of The Portrait of A Lady, this thesis will examine story, characterization, time and focalization and demonstrate the techniques Henry James uses in narration. In the functional analysis of the novel, on the other hand, the functions of the units discussed in the story and the characterization will be compared to the functions of the same units that are transferred to the adaptation of the novel to reveal how the meaning and emphasis of the novel changes.


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H. Çelebi, “Structural and functional analysis of Henry James’s novel the Portrait of a Lady with a comparison of Jane Campion’s adaptation of the novel,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2003.