A need analysis study for faculty development programs in METU and structural equation modeling of faculty needs

Moeini, Hosein
The purpose of this doctoral thesis research study was first to investigate the needs for a faculty development program in Middle East Technical University (METU). Later, in the second phase, models that explained the linear structural relationships among factors that might be influential on faculty̕s perceived competencies about the skills necessary for the instructional practices, personal, professional and organizational developments were proposed and compared. In this study, a questionnaire considering different aspects of faculty developments were sent to all of the academicians in METU. After collecting data from faculty members and research assistants, they were analyzed both descriptively and using principal component factor analysis. Based on the results of factor analysis, linear structural relations models fitting the data were generated through LISREL-SIMPLIS computer program runs. The descriptive results indicated that there was a feeling for need to improve the faculty's self-proficiency in different instructional issues. On the other hand, both descriptive results and LISREL modeling results indicated that faculty members and research assistants show different characteristics based on their needs and factors affecting their self-proficiencies. These aspects will lead us to prepare different faculty development programs based on their needs and priorities. The result for both faculty members and research assistants showed that in a faculty, instructional self-proficiency cannot be considered as a single absolute parameter. Rather, it should be considered as several interrelated parameters connected to different aspects of faculty's proficiencies.


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H. Moeini, “A need analysis study for faculty development programs in METU and structural equation modeling of faculty needs,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2003.