International migration, transnational entrepreneurship, and the making of Çorum as an "Anatolian Tiger"

Dişbudak, Cem
International migration is an important issue that has become even more important with the recent globalization process and economic restructuring. Economic activities that stem from this process have provided new opportunities for labor exporting countries. In the past, the focus was on remittances but today the entrepreneurial activities of transnational entrepreneurs have become more important. Many developing countries have recently concentrated their policies upon this group of entrepreneurs and they try to increase the economic benefits from their activities. Turkey is also one of the major labor exporting countries. New economic opportunities that concern the activities of transnational entrepreneurs have emerged for Turkey recently. These entrepreneurs are very important especially at the regional level. In Çorum, several transnational entrepreneurs founded their firms. They contribute to employment, exports and income considerably. These entrepreneurs succeed by making use of their social capital and network. They also create positive externalities by encouraging other local entrepreneurs to export. Our findings show that these entrepreneurs need consulting and information; therefore, the state should get involved in this process more actively. Only then can one expect greater benefits from the ongoing process.
Citation Formats
C. Dişbudak, “International migration, transnational entrepreneurship, and the making of Çorum as an “Anatolian Tiger”,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2003.