Workers' housing projects by Seyfi Arkan in the Zonguldak coalfield : a case of modernization in early republican Turkey

İmamoğlu, Bilge
This thesis examines the two housing complex projects designed by the architect Seyfi Arkan between 1934 and 1937 for the mineworker in the Zonguldak coalfield. The two projects are analyzed with respect to both the modern Turkish architectural scene and the social and political history of the coalfield. Besides being strongly connected to the major issues and concepts of the modernization program of the Republic, the projects that Seyfi Arkan designed for the housing of the Zonguldak mineworker are also cases that exemplify the architectural solution that the Turkish architect of the early Republican period produced for specific spatial problems, also iiiinvolving distinct social concerns and tasks. The cases were studied regarding the architect's response as reflected in his work, both to the architectural, social and political discourses that the Republican modernization brought, and the specific problems and tasks included in the design task he undertook. In this frame by thoroughly investigating and analyzing such an exemplary case, this study aims to contribute to the understanding and evaluation of the architectural thought produced by the Turkish architect in his/her relation to the Republican process of modernization. Such a relation is considered in the claim of the architect in being a component in the social transformation brought by modernization.


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B. İmamoğlu, “Workers’ housing projects by Seyfi Arkan in the Zonguldak coalfield : a case of modernization in early republican Turkey,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2003.