A study on the relation between logic and information

Beygu, Tankut
Gaining prominence at first as a technological concept, information has found a significant role in the study of various problems in philosophy as well as in the diverse fields of science and technology.Though widely employed and studied, information is a complex notion, as it were, resisting a compact description of its characteristics, appearing non-uniformly in such miscellaneous ways as an organizing principle, a form of knowledge, and a connotation of entropy. Apparently, there is a need for further study to clarify the notion of information and its possible applications. Situation theory is a competent frame of investigation responding to this need. It allows us to view logical, linguistic and computational issues in a consistent and unified manner which is open to formalization and based on information, referring not only to syntactic aspects or to semantic truth-values, but also to other semantic aspects, e.g., meaning and intension. On the other side, relevant logics have been opening up promising perspectives for semantical connections of logic. This study aims at drawing a parallelism between the inference in logic and information flow. The connections between relevant logics and situation theory are examined and modeling of information flow grounded on them is shown to be satisfactory to considerable extent in both syntactic and semantic respects, though not yet complete.


An attempt to make a definition of existence and constructing a foundation for an axiomatic system of ontology
Çağatay, Hasan; Grünberg, Teo; Department of Philosophy (2007)
This thesis aims to make an analysis of the concepts of ‘existence’. It also constructs four new definitions based on the concept of ‘effect’ for different concepts of beings. By reasoning based on these definitions and some pre-suppositions, a foundation for an axiomatic system of ontology is tried to construct.
A Counting-Based Heuristic for ILP-Based Concept Discovery Systems
Mutlu, Alev; Karagöz, Pınar; Kavurucu, Yusuf (2013-09-13)
Concept discovery systems are concerned with learning definitions of a specific relation in terms of other relations provided as background knowledge. Although such systems have a history of more than 20 years and successful applications in various domains, they are still vulnerable to scalability and efficiency issues - mainly due to large search spaces they build. In this study we propose a heuristic to select a target instance that will lead to smaller search space without sacrificing the accuracy. The p...
A Critical inquiry into the demarcation of logical constants
Beygu, Tankut; Grünberg, Teo; Department of Philosophy (2013)
The dissertation aims to set out a methodological framework conducive to further research into the demarcation problem of logical constants through a critical examination of the principal proposals for the problem. Logical constants should be characterised so as the essential values of logic, i.e., necessity, normativity and formality, are secured. Formality is central to the proposed framework in consideration of its relation to validity; necessity and normativity are established with reference to formalit...
Maintenance for sustainable ontologies
Medeni, İhsan Tolga; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner; Demirörs, Onur; Department of Information Systems (2014)
In computer and information sciences, ontology based information systems have been seen as an opportunity to represent knowledge as to define and categorize digital reflections of physical entities, domains and relations between pairs of them. For these digital domains and entities, information oriented, ontology based structures have become popular for creation of knowledge structures for organizations. Based on this perspective, by using different ontology definitions, organizations have been building the...
MUFLEH, EMR; GULER, Y (1994-04-01)
Electromagnetic theory is studied by the Hamilton-Jacobi formulation of constrained systems.
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T. Beygu, “A study on the relation between logic and information ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.