Maintenance for sustainable ontologies

Medeni, İhsan Tolga
In computer and information sciences, ontology based information systems have been seen as an opportunity to represent knowledge as to define and categorize digital reflections of physical entities, domains and relations between pairs of them. For these digital domains and entities, information oriented, ontology based structures have become popular for creation of knowledge structures for organizations. Based on this perspective, by using different ontology definitions, organizations have been building their own digital ontologies for a wide variety of reasons. However, construction of an ontology cannot be concluded with a single build; it requires maintenance, which is in parallel with organizational and organization’s environmental changes. The ontology maintenance idea arises to support this requirement. In this study, to answer this requirement, previously created and maintained SWEET, Galen and Public Finance Management ontologies were studied as cases by looking at implemented ontology tasks. After that, the findings were derived from these cases and these findings were compared with the BIHAP system ontology with implementation of questionnaire to the developers and end users of the system. The validation of the questionnaire was ensured by implementation of interviews to the previous questionnaire participants. The results revealed the implementation of ontology tasks for the ontology maintenance purposes.
Citation Formats
İ. T. Medeni, “Maintenance for sustainable ontologies,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.