Segmentation registration and visualization of medical images for treatment planning

Tuncer, Özgür
Medical imaging has become the key to access inside human body for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment planning. In order to understand the effectiveness of planned treatment following the diagnosis, treated body part may have to be monitored several times during a period of time. Information gained from successive imaging of body part provides guidance to next step of treatment. Comparison of images or datasets taken at different times requires registration of these images or datasets since the same conditions may not be provided at all times. Accurate segmentation of the body part under treatment is needed while comparing medical images to achieve quantitative and qualitative measurements. This segmentation task enables two dimensional and three dimensional visualizations of the region which also aid in directing the planning strategy. In this thesis, several segmentation algorithms are investigated and a hybrid segmentation algorithm is developed in order to segment bone tissue out of head CT slices for orthodontic treatment planning. Using the developed segmentation algorithm, three dimensional visualizations of segmented bone tissue out of head CT slices of two patients are obtained. Visualizations are obtained using the MATLAB Computer software̕s visualization library. Besides these, methods are developed for automatic registration of twodimensional and three-dimensional CT images taken at different time periods. These methods are applied to real and synthetic data. Algorithms and methods used in this thesis are also implemented in MATLAB computer program.
Citation Formats
Ö. Tuncer, “Segmentation registration and visualization of medical images for treatment planning,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.