A SoHo router implementation on Motorola MCF5272 processor and uCLinux operating system

Kaçar, Mehmet Nazir
Recently, various special purpose processors have been developed and are frequently being used for different specialized tasks. Prominent among these are the communication processors, which are generally used within an embedded system environment. Such processors can run relatively advanced and general purpose operating systems such as uCLinux, which is a freely available embedded Linux distribution. In this work, a prototype SoHo (Small office / Home office) router is designed and implemented using Motorola MCF5272 as the core communication processor and uCLinux as the operating system. The implementation relies purely on the existing hardware resources of an available development board and the publicly available open source utilities of uCLinux. The overall development process provides an embedded system implementation and configuration example.


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M. N. Kaçar, “A SoHo router implementation on Motorola MCF5272 processor and uCLinux operating system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.